Oct. 1st, 2016

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It's been 5 years since I first took the decision to prepare myself for the task of moving to the United States for good. And I still never regret the choice I made. There are still no second thoughts about it.

Given the situation faced by the country that I have come to call home for 22 years, where I was born, raised and grew into adulthood, I know in my heart that even through I will be a little sad on leaving the Philippines soon, I will leave with happiness, joy and memories of those years I've spent here, knowing that it is for my own good and to sustain the family I have at home that I've made that choice to immigrate and will never turn back from it.

It will be a little bittersweet on the day that I'll depart the country where I was born. But when that day comes, I hope that as I say goodbye to my family, relatives and friends, I will look back on those years in which I was on the Pearl of the Orient and the first independent republic of Asia with profound humility and respect, hoping that I'll do my part in making a better and brighter world for the generations of tomorrow. For me, as I look forward to the day of my imminent departure from the Philippines towards the US, I look forward with deep optimism that I will surely have a great future ahead of me overseas.



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